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Misfits Meet The Nutley Brass
Fiend Club Lounge

Original Release : CD
Misfits Records / Rykodisc 2005

Last Caress
Astro Zombies
Where Eagles Dare
Some Kinda Hate
Hybrid Moments
Teenagers From Mars
Die, Die My Darling

Fiend Facts:
The ultimate and most unusual of all Misfits tributes!

11 classic era Misfits favorites interpreted in the form of highly well-executed, instrumental, retro inspired "Space Age Pop" or "Lounge" style cover versions that will have horror-punks, lounge enthusiasts and fans of incredibly strange music going wild in the pit!

The CD comes with a limited edition drink Coaster, featuring the album cover artwork.

Jerry Only comments on Fiend Club Lounge: "If Cat women from the moon landed in Tijuana in the 60's this is the kind of music they would march to! The Nutley Brass version of 'Die, Die My Darling' is swirling with 007 suspense like the soundtrack of an early James Bond movie. The horns seem to jet out like one of the old albums from the Tijuana Brass. Classic, I repeat, CLASSIC."

Original Misfits guitarist Franché Coma comments: "I will say this: 'Misfits meet the Nutley Brass: Fiend Club Lounge' is one of the best renditions of some of the best Misfits songs ever recorded. Any true, and I mean true musician will appreciate the intricacies of the instrumentations on this CD. It takes punk music to a different level. It shows us how anything is possible if you want to make it happen. You'll think you are listening to a soundtrack from a big screen movie. A great lush theatrical feel. I compliment the engineers, the producers and everyone involved with this production. OUTSTANDING JOB!!! I was truly, truly, impressed! They should be proud of this release."

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