John Cafiero and Jerry Only at NYC's Madison Square Garden

The April issue of Hit Parader features a 2 page article by Rene Daigle on the Misfits track "I Wanna Be A NY Ranger" featured on the CD "Cuts From The Crypt". John Cafiero (songwriter & lead vocalist of the track) and Misfits founding member Jerry Only were invited to the Rangers locker room at Madison Square Garden for a photo shoot and interview. Members of the hockey team were interviewed as well. Here are a few brief excerpts: Rangers right wing Radek Dvorak stated: "I have this CD in my car. Good song! I like this kind of music." Only stated: "When John played the first riff for me I immediately liked it a lot. I thought it was a great song and I wanted to do it because the Rangers are my favorite Hockey Team." Cafiero states "It was all about the classic appeal of simplicity. Punk rock is basically adrenalin driven emotion. My childhood heroes were the Ramones, a defining NY band. The Rangers are a defining NY team. I wanted the song to be done in the tradition of early classics like "Beat on the Brat". A simple basic, punk rock fight song with a cartoony gene spliced from my heroes." For this and lots more be sure to pick up the April issue of Hit Parader. The same issue features a full page ad with Jerry's endorsement for Dean Markley strings.