Rue Morgue Magazine salutes 25 years of Misfits!

The Nov/Dec 2002 issue of Canada's bi-monthly horror culture and entertainment magazine "Rue Morgue" features a 5 page spread celebrating 25 years of the Misfits! Fronted with a great new illustration by artist Gary Pullin (pictured at left) the feature includes condensed background on the band 1977 - present, a brief study of horror film references within the Misfits song catalog and a series of recent quotes from former members, fans and fiends recalling experiences with the legendary horror punk outfit. Among most notable are Static Age guitarist Franche' Coma; "It was a great experience for me. We were young. I wish I would have been a little older at the time,'cause I would have been a lot more mature, I didn't know what we had. None of us did". Other notable mentions are Static Age drummer Mr. Jim, "Walk Among Us" drummer Arthur Googy, and early Misfits proteges Eerie Von and Steve Zing. The glossy horror mag sports a well executed layout of Misfits art, photos and eye candy spanning the band's illustrious career. Rue Morgue reports the issue has quickly proved to be one of their largest and fastest selling yet! Rue Morgue is avaialable on newsstands throughout the U.S. and Canada. The Nov/Dec 2002 issue fetaures the Mario Bava "Black Sunday" cover. For more info on Rue Morgue as well as locations that carry the mag on a regular basis (i.e. Tower Records, etc.), visit the Rue Morgue website.