DISCLAIMER TO COLLECTORS: Unless otherwise noted, some singles may be sold out and out of print. Beware of bootleg versions!
Friday the 13th
Original Release : 12-inch vinyl EP, CD & digital download
Misfits Records, 2016

Side 1: Friday the 13th
Nightmare on Elm Street

Side 2: Laser Eye
Mad Monster Party

Fiend Facts:
The latest EP from the legendary Misfits debuts 4 new horror-punk anthems for the new millennium, each written by founding fiend Jerry Only himself! An homage to 80's era slashers, classic Sci-fi and everything in between — pressed in your choice of CD digipak with 6-page booklet, or Limited Edition 12-inch color vinyl from Misfits Records.

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Vampire Girl
Original Release : 12-inch vinyl, CD & digital download
Misfits Records, 2015

Side 1: Vampire Girl

Side 2: Zombie Girl

Fiend Facts:
All-new material from the legendary Misfits debuted with gorgeous dual-sided cover art by Rhys Cooper. "Vampire Girl" b/w "Zombie Girl" is available in your choice of special Ltd Ed CD Digipak or Ltd Ed 12-Inch vinyl, pressed in five different color editions, each available while supplies last.

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Horror Xmas
Original Release : 7-inch vinyl EP & digital download
Misfits Records, 2013

Side 1: You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch

Side 2: Island of Misfit Toys / Blue Christmas

Fiend Facts:
The legendary Misfits first holiday release (outside of Halloween of course), creeps down your chimney in the form of the "Horror Xmas" EP! Track one unwraps a fiendish cover of the Dr. Seuss classic, "You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch". True to the original, yet fueled by the band's signature sound, Jerry Only's ominously melodic baritone lead vocals, and guest backing vox by John Cafiero (Osaka Popstar), the 'fits slap devilocks on every Who down in Whoville...

An infectious all-new original Misfits Xmas themed song (written by founding member Jerry Only) entitled "Island of Misfit Toys" debuts, and the band's long anticipated rendition of "Blue Christmas" surfaces in a full studio version that would even make "the King" himself snarl with holiday cheer. The Misfits serve up a nightmare before Xmas destined to become an annual tradition.

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Descending Angel
Original Release : 12-inch vinyl single & digital download
Misfits Records, 2013

Side 1: Descending Angel

Side 2: Science Fiction/Double Feature

Fiend Facts:
The Misfits debuted two all-new studio recordings for the first time anywhere on this special limited edition 12-inch maxi-single.

90's era Misfits 'fiend' fav "Descending Angel" was re-recorded with a brand new 2013 treatment by the "Devil's Rain" lineup, specifically for this release! By popular demand, the flip side features a studio version of the 'fit's cover of 'Rocky Horror' anthem "Science Fiction/Double Feature", (in follow up to the live version that previously appeared on the bandŐs full-length "DEA.D. ALIVE!" album - also available).

With wicked cover art by Jeff Zornow (Fright Rags, IDW's Godzilla comics & more), and an iconic back cover photo of Misfits founding member Jerry Only shot through the legendary lens of Mick Rock, this is a package no Misfits record collection will be complete without.

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Twilight of the Dead
Original Release: Clear Blue Vinyl 12-inch single & digital download
Misfits Records, 2011

Side 1: Twilight of the Dead (album version)

Side 2: Land of the Dead (album version)

Fiend Facts:
Early "Demo of the Dead" recordings of these songs were released in 2009 on the "Land of the Dead" 12-inch maxi-single, (featuring a green variation of the cover art, and "Land of the Dead" as the title track on Side A). The 2011 "Devil's Rain" album versions of both tracks are included on this Ltd. Ed 12-inch maxi-single with a blue variation of the cover art, and "Twilight of the Dead" as the title track on Side A. Like "Land of the Dead" and "The Devil's Rain" the cover art was rendered by Arthur Suydam (Marvel Zombies) with art direction by John Cafiero.

The 1st pressing on clear Blue vinyl offered an approx. 1-in-10 chance at finding a rare clear blue w/ red blood splat variant inside the blind assortment.

A Glow-in-the-Dark vinyl edition was also pressed as an exclusive to the Misfits Records online store.

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available at iTunes
Land of the Dead
Original Release : red vinyl 12-inch single & digital download
Misfits Records, 2009

Side 1: Land of the Dead

Side 2: Twilight of the Dead

Fiend Facts:
The Ltd. Ed. 12-inch LP maxi single showcases an incredible new cover painting rendered by Arthur Suydam (of Marvel Zombies fame) who has ferociously rendered the Misfits world famous “Fiend Skull” icon in homage to the zombie films of George A. Romero. The artwork is appropriately suited as both new songs (“Land of the Dead” and “Twilight of the Dead” written by Misfits founding member Jerry Only), were inspired by the acclaimed director’s living dead series.

The first pressing on clear red vinyl was a limited edition of 1,000 pcs and quickly sold out, as did subsequent editions on green and yellow vinyl.

A special tour only edition limited to 1,000 pcs on clear Orange vinyl was available exclusively at live Misfits shows Fall 2009.

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Psycho In The Wax Museum
Original Release : 7-inch single
Misfits Records, 2006

Side 1: Angel Baby

Side 2: Death of the Fallen Angel

Fiend Facts:
This special, highly limited collector’s edition 45  contains two rare, never before released and never before completed Misfits tracks predating the American Psycho album. Both songs were written by founding member Jerry Only and properly recorded by the Misfits in their entirety prior to the release of “American Psycho” but the vocal tracks were never recorded. For that reason, the recordings were shelved and left in the vaults, seemingly never to be heard. The rough mixes in their original instrumental form, untouched and exactly as they were left over a decade ago, were restored from a deteriorating source, digitally re-mastered and archived in this vinyl 45 “wax museum”.

The clear vinyl single includes a circular pattern of  Misfits logos laser-etched in the vinyl of Side A and a circular pattern of Misfits Fiend Skulls laser-etched into the vinyl on Side B. This feature authenticates each record as being one of the original; highly limited edition 45s issued by Misfits Records and protects fiendish collectors from being fooled by any potential bootlegs that may surface. This promotional only 45 includes a full color cardstock sleeve with artwork by Butch Lukic and is NOT available for sale.

To receive this free promotional single, fiends were required to mail in 3 proof of purchase seals (each included individually) from the Misfits Records releases:  “Misfits Project 1950”, “Balzac Beyond the Darkness”, and “Osaka Popstar and the American Legends of Punk”.

The first fulfillment of “Wax Museum” singles shipped in late December 2006. Fiends started receiving them just before Christmas 2006. Shipments continue as proof of purchases are received. The offer officially expired on October 31, 2007. The single has been discontinued and out of print since.

Monster Mash
Original Release : radio promo CD
Misfits Records/Rykodisc, 2003

Monster Mash (live)

Fiend Facts:
Promotional CD distributed to radio stations throughout the US in connection with the release of “Misfits Project 1950”. The “Project 1950” recording of “Monster Mash” charted #1 on radio (reported by FMQB’s SubModern singles chart) in 2003.

This was the third, final and definitive recording of “Monster Mash” released by the Misfits.

The Project 1950 version of “Monster Mash” includes Jerry Only on Bass and lead vocals (as did the 2 prior recordings), with Dez Cadena on guitar and Marky Ramone on drums. Marky provided the voice of Dracula for the “Transylvania Twist” line in the song as well as the moaning monster noises in the intro. John Cafiero is featured on backing vocals and produced.

Day the Earth Caught Fire
5-inch vinyl single
Misfits Records/Rykodisc/Video Arts, 2003

Day the Earth Caught Fire
Day the Earth Caught Fire (Live in Japan w/ Balzac)

Fiend Facts:
This rare limited edition 5” vinyl record contains the Misfits studio version of “Day the Earth Caught Fire” (on Side A) and a previously unreleased recording of Jerry Only performing the song with Balzac live in Japan (on Side B). The live B-side remains unavailable elsewhere. The single was not available for sale separately and included only in the Japanese pressing of the “Misfits Project 1950” CD distributed by Video Arts.

Misfits Records Sampler
Original Release : promotional CD EP
Misfits Records, July 2003 

The Magic Moment - (Misfits)
Wall - (Balzac)
Wicked World (rough mix) - (Osaka Popstar)

Fiend Facts:
This promotional CD sampler was distributed as a free promotional item (primarily at the Fiend Fest ’03 Tour)  to promote current and upcoming Misfits Records releases. Misfits “Magic Moment” (featuring 60’s icon Ronnie Spector on backing vocals) and Balzac’s “Wall” are the final album versions however Osaka Popstar’s “Wicked World” is an early “rough mix” of the track and differs slightly from the final album mix.

Both Misfits “This Magic Moment” and the rough mix of  Osaka Popstar’s “Wicked World” were included on Rykodisc’s 20th Anniversary 2-CD set, which is still in print and widely available. Misfits founding member Jerry Only plays Bass on “Wicked World” displaying diversity and even harmonics.

Day The Earth Caught Fire
Original Release : CD single
Misfits Records, 2002

Day The Earth Caught Fire  - (Misfits)
The Haunting : Don't Open 'Till Doomsday - (Balzac

Fiend Facts: The very first release from Misfits Records!

The Misfits perform a cover version of Balzac's "Day the Earth Caught Fire" and Balzac performs a cover medley of the Misfits tracks "The Haunting” and “Don't Open 'Til Doomsday.

The ‘Misfits Records’ label debuted with this split CD, (done in conjunction with Disk Union Japan). This split CD is unique in that the Misfits covered a Balzac song ("Day the Earth Caught Fire") and Balzac covered a medley of 2 Misfits songs (“The Haunting" & "Don't Open Til Doomsday"). The Misfits track features Jerry Only on Bass & Lead Vocals, Dez Cadena on Guitar & Backing Vocals, Marky Ramone on Drums and John Cafiero on backing vocals. The CD packaging differs slightly between the U.S. and Japanese pressings. Collector's may be interested to know that the cover art for the Japanese edition (unavailable in North America) is titled "Don't Open Til Doomsday" and the North American edition is titled "Day the Earth Caught Fire". In addition to having different titles featured on the cover, the Japan & U.S. pressings differ slightly. Each was pressed from different sources mastered in their respective countries. Both the US & Japanese releases contain the same recordings, but bear minimal differences in sound and tone attributed to mastering.

Monster Mash
Original Release : 7-inch single Records, 1999

Monster Mash
Monster Mash (live)

Fiend Facts:
This 45 was the first Misfits release to feature Jerry Only on both lead vocals and Bass.

The single exists in two separate pressings both issued in 1999:

1st pressing: 45 rpm (with large center hole) contains the 1999 studio version of  “Monster Mash” on  both Side A & Side B. Pressed primarily in green vinyl with red & yellow variants pressed in smaller quantities. The single was sold primarily on tour but also available by mail order through the Fiend Club. A small percentage was made available by mail order through as well.

1,000 copies of a promotional CD single of the 1999 studio version were pressed.

2nd pressing: 1,000 copies on Glow-in-the-dark vinyl (with small center hole) with the 1999 studio version on Side A and the live version recorded at Power Play Studios in Newark, NJ on Oct. 18, 1997 on Side B. The glow-in-the-dark pressing was available exclusively from by mail order.

The sleeve for both vinyl pressings is exactly the same and printed on heavy cardstock from a single print run. The sleeve incorporates images from the 1968 Rankin Bass film “Mad Monster Party” in a cross promotion arranged by John Cafiero a year prior to the release of the vinyl 45.

In October of 1998 offered a free “virtual single” of the live version of “Monster Mash” via a free MP3 download predating iTunes and even Emusic by 2 years! The MP3 was accompanied by the sleeve artwork which would be printed a year later for the vinyl 45.

A music video incorporating clips from “Mad Monster Party” with footage of the band performing the song live at Power Play Studios was also released as an online exclusive at in conjunction with the virtual single orchestrated by Cafiero in connection with a campaign for awareness and preservation of the Rankin Bass film

A theatrical screening of the film “Mad Monster Party” (double billed with the music videos from “America Psycho”) was held at Anthology film archives in NYC. Fiend Club members received discount admission at the box office and the film festival poster for “American Psycho” was available for sale at the theater. In addition to fiends and fans of the film “Mad Monster Party” in general, the audience included Jerry Only,  members of the Misfits, John Cafiero, Marky Ramone, Jimmy from Murphy’s Law and executives from both Geffen and Roadrunner records.

The 1999 studio version of  “Monster Mash” would later appear on “Cuts from the Crypt” in 2001 and is not the version of “Monster Mash” that appears on “Misfits Project 1950” recorded in 2002 and released in 2003.

Music From Famous Monsters
Original release: CD (promo only EP)
Roadrunner Records (Europe), 1999

Witch Hunt
Fiend Club
Forbidden Zone
Lost In Space
Saturday Night

Fiend Facts:
This promotional CD sampler was distributed throughout Europe by Roadrunner Records the summer of 1999 to promote the forthcoming October release of  “Famous Monsters”. This sampler includes advance mixes of six tracks from the album. The advance mixes differ slightly from the final mixed & mastered versions that appear on the album.

A promotional CD single of the track “Scream” was distributed to radio in the US.

I Wanna Be A NY Ranger
Original Release : promo only CD single
Non-Homogenized Productions Ltd., 1998

I Wanna Be A NY Ranger (aka NY Ranger)

Fiend Facts:
This rare recording features John Cafiero on lead vocals and was tracked live to tape at the Misfits machine shop and rehearsal compound in May 1998. Approximately 100 copies were pressed for promotional use only in connection with a campaign for the NY Rangers and Madison Square Garden.

Originally developed for the NY Rangers hockey team, written by Cafiero and intended for the Ramones who, (by the time the project came to fruition), had retired, the track was later requested by Roadrunner Records to appear on the compilation “Cuts from the Crypt” (2001).

The song was written up in Becket Hockey Monthly in 1998 and later the focus of a 2-page article in the April 2002 issue of Hit Parader Magazine. Jerry Only and John Cafiero were invited to the Rangers locker room at Madison Square Garden for a photo shoot and interview. Members of the NY Rangers were interviewed for the article as well.

More info on the story behind the song and the recording can be found in the “Cuts from the Crypt” liner notes.

Dig Up Her Bones
7-inch vinyl single 
Additional formats: promo only CD single
Geffen, 1997 

Side 1: Dig Up Her Bones

Side 2: Hate The Living, Love The Dead

Fiend Fact: 5,000 copies of the 7-inch were pressed on blue vinyl and a promotional CD single was distributed to radio in connection with the release of the “American Psycho” album in 1997.

Die, Die My Darling
Original Release : 12-inch EP
Plan 9/Caroline, 1984

Side 1: Die Die My Darling

Side 2: We Bite
Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight?

Fiend Facts:
The “Evil Eye” art seen on the back cover of this 12-inch was created by the yet to be discovered artist; Pushead. In the early 80’s Pushead, a big Misfits fan, would often create original art and flyers to promote local Misfits shows when they were in his area.  Now world-famous, Pushead’s unique style eventually caught the “evil eye” of Metallica who commissioned him to create some of their most popular designs. Misfits fans themselves, Metallica recorded high-profile covers of  “Die Die My Darling”, “Green Hell” and “Last Caress”. 

A little-known fact is that the alternate rendering of the Misfits horror-font logo printed on the front cover of this 12-inch was actually hand-drawn by Pushead himself. That hand drawn reinterpreted inconsistency is why the logo looks different in comparison to the standard Misfits horror font logo used on all other releases. On a related note, the first known comprehensive Misfits discography was compiled by Pushead and published in the June 1986 issue of Thrasher magazine.

First pressing of the “Die Die My Darling” 12-inch in 1984 included 500 purple vinyl LPs & the second pressing in ‘86 included 500 white vinyl copies

The black vinyl 12-inch is still available in reprint from Caroline Records.

The three recordings on this 12-inch are also included on the album “Earth AD”.

available from
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7-inch EP, Plan 9, 1982
12-inch EP, Aggressive Rock Produktionen, 1983

Side 1:
20 Eyes 
Night of the Living Dead 
Astro Zombies 
Horror Business 

Side 2:
London Dungeon 
All Hell Breaks Loose 
We Are 138

Fiend Facts:
Originally released as a 7-inch EP in 1982, 1,000 copies were individually numbered and sold through the Fiend Club. The front cover is a live photo of the band taken at the Whisky A Go Go in LA on 04/13/82. Henry Rollins (Black Flag) and Earl Liberty (who would join the Circle Jerks the following year) can be seen in the audience.

Henry Rollins (of Black Flag) is featured as “additional vocals” on track 7. A young Rollins (an avid Misfits fan) was at the San Francisco show in ’81 and joined in on mic for “We are 138” from the audience, standing at the foot of the stage. This moment was depicted on one of the 5 different picture sleeves available for this 7-inch.

33 special edition packs were available through the Fiend Club each containing 3 copies of the 7-inch with 3 different sleeves. The 3 sleeves were images of Jerry Only, Glenn Danzig and Doyle, pictured individually. The same images would resurface placed in coffins for the cover of the Aggressive Rock 12-inch and the full-length LP from Caroline.

An estimated 1,000 copies of the 7-inch with the picture sleeve depicting Rollins singing into the mic from the crowd were made but not numbered as a limited edition.

Tracks 1-5 were recorded live at The Ritz in New York, 12/17/81
Tracks 6 & 7 were recorded live at On Broadway in San Francisco, CA, 11/20/81

Several bootlegs of the limited edition 7-inch are in circulation so buyers beware.

Evilive was reissued in Europe in 1983 by Aggressive Rock Produktionen as a 12" EP with the same track listing as the 7-inch. 

In 1987, five additional live tracks  were added for release as a full-length album by Caroline Records on LP and Cassette. In 1996 it was released on CD.

Original Release : 7-inch vinyl single
Plan 9, 1981

Side 1: Halloween

Side 2: Halloween II

Fiend Facts: This single was recorded at Mix-O-Lydian Studios in 1981 during the “Walk Among Us” sessions.

5,000  copies are estimated to have been pressed for release on October 30, 1981.

3 Hits From Hell
Original Release : 7-inch vinyl EP 
Plan 9, 1981

Side 1: London Dungeon

Side 2: Horror Hotel
Ghouls Night Out

Fiend Facts:
The recordings on this EP were culled from the famous MSP Sessions and the first to include Doyle on guitar.

First pressing on black vinyl in 1984 began with 3,000 copies with red labels and continued with 7,000 copies with gray labels. 400 white vinyl copies were pressed in 1986.

Original Release : 12 " EP
Plan 9/Cherry Red UK, 1980

Side 1:
We Are 138
Hollywood Babylon

Side 2: Horror Business
Teenagers From Mars
Last Caress

Fiend Facts: This rare EP compiled tracks from the “Bullet” single with tracks from “Horror Business”. Intended to promote a UK tour with the Damned in 1979, the sleeves weren’t printed in time and the EP was released after the band returned to the States.

Approximately 3,500 copies were distributed in Europe and approximately 1,500 copies are estimated to have been distributed in the US however the exact # pressed remains unconfirmed.

Long out of print, many bootlegs exist. Buyers beware (literally)…

Night Of The Living Dead
Original Release : 7-inch EP 
Plan 9, 1979

Side 1: Night Of The Living Dead

Side 2: Where Eagles Dare
Rat Fink

Fiend Facts:
The song "Rat Fink" is a cover of an Allan Sherman song (which is a parody of the 1950 hit “Rag Mop”). Sherman is best known for the 1960’s top 5 novelty hit “Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah”.

2,000 copies of the “NOLD” EP were pressed. Released on Oct. 31, 1979, the band performed at Irving Plaza in NYC that night and offered the 7-inch for two dollars at the door.

Long out of print. Like all Misfits singles bootlegs exist so buyers beware.

Horror Business
Original Release : 7-inch vinyl EP
Plan 9, 1979

Side 1: Horror Business

Side 2: Teenagers From Mars
Children In Heat

Fiend Facts:
The “Horror Business” EP marks the band’s full on embark of their now legendary horror-punk image that created a new genre.

25 copies were pressed on black vinyl for promotional purposes and 2,000 copies were pressed on yellow vinyl for sale. Some copies in the initial release included an insert with claiming in typical b-movie tradition:

"On February 28, 1979, the Misfits and a mobile recording unit entered an abandoned haunted house in northern New Jersey. They recorded and left. While mixing the tapes back at a NYC recording studio, strange voices and noises were heard in the background. No explanation of these sounds could be given by the band or the recording crew."

Of course the story was untrue but an example of the simplistic genius of the Misfits.

2,000 copies of an alternate sleeve with a photo of the band on the back cover were printed but scrapped and later used as a promotional item.

Original Release : 7-inch EP 
Plan 9, 1978

Side 1: Bullet
We Are 138

Side 2: Attitude
Hollywood Babylon

Fiend Facts:
The “Bullet” EP was the second release from the Misfits and marked the birth of their definitive sound. Having added Franché Coma on guitar (in lieu of Glenn’s keyboards) the band’s music (and approach) became more aggressive. 2nd drummer Mr. Jim was now in place, as was the now legendary stage name “Jerry Only”; having used his real last name (misspelled) on the first 7-inch “Cough Cool” the year before.

The 4 tracks on the 7-inch derived from the “Static Age” sessions, which were recorded in 1978 and intended to be their debut album. The album would remain shelved for nearly 20 years.

The sessions were done utilizing free studio time provided by Mercury Records in exchange for full ownership of the name “Blank records”. Mercury and the Misfits were both using the name at the time. Mercury as an imprint for Pere Ubu and the Misfits as their imprint for the '77 debut single “Cough Cool”. The band gave up the “Blank” name to Mercury in exchange for 30 hours of free studio time and the “Static Age” soon began.

See the album discography and video section for more on “Static Age”.

First pressing (June of 1978): 1,000 copies on black vinyl in silk-screened gatefold picture sleeves with band photo & "Distributed by Ork" on the back. Distribution through Ork never took place but sleeves had already been printed crediting them. The single was self distributed through Plan 9 and the Ork credit was removed from the sleeve for future pressings.

In January 1979, 2,000 copies were pressed on red vinyl. The back cover was revised to include the line "Better Dead On Red" and artwork of a bullet hole, replacing the band photo.

Additional copies were pressed but details are sketchy. Sleeveless leftover EPs from the first pressing were paired with new sleeves from the second pressing and when supplies ran out, additional copies were made to order in quantities that remain inconclusive.

A silk-screened lyric sheet was also included, varying in color or black and white depending on availability.

Like all classic-era Misfits vinyl, bootlegs are common so buy with caution.

Original Release : 7-inch vinyl single
Blank Records, 1977

Side 1: Cough/Cool

Side 2: She

Fiend Facts:
Released in August of 1977 on the self-run “Blank Records” this is the very first Misfits Recording and the very first Misfits lineup period. The timeline goes back no further than this 7-inch. The  original Misfits lineup consisted of co-founders Glenn Danzig on vocals and keyboards and Jerry Only on Bass (still going under his real name of Jerry Caiafa at the time which was misspelled on the sleeve as Caifa). Rounding out the trio was the first in a long line of Misfits drummers; Manny.

The band had yet to recruit a guitarist, filling that void with Glenn on keyboards for the debut single. The Misfits had yet to conceive of their horror image (or much of an image at all for that matter) but the potential was obvious in the recording itself. Somewhat subdued and a bit more doors oriented than the attitude to follow in the “Static Age” sessions, “Cough Cool” is still unmistakably the Misfits. The B-side “She” would become more aggressive (as would the Misfits themselves) in a re-recorded version the following year.  The 2nd recording of “She” (’78) was intended for the “Static Age” album but remained unmixed and unreleased in its original form for nearly 20 years.

A personal message from Jerry Only:

“Even though these vintage records were fun and printed in low numbers that was due to lack of funding and not done to create collectibility. In most cases, large numbers of sleeves and labels were produced due to the mechanics of printing. It would be easy to put new vinyl on existing old paper. Buying an alleged vintage Misfits record may not always be the case. There are a lot of bootlegs out there, so by all means have fun with these collectible records but be careful and don’t be played for a fool. Nothing hurts us more than the exploitation of the worlds greatest fans.” – Jerry Only
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