The Misfits 30th Ann. show scheduled for Friday May 16th at Opera 1 in Curitiba, Brazil was delayed due to circumstances far beyond the band or the local promoter’s control. The Misfits and all involved refuse to disappoint the Fiends of Curitiba so the show has immediately been rescheduled and will now take place on Monday May 19th at Opera 1 starting at 10pm!

The Misfits look forward to returning to Curitiba on May 19th to deliver a show fiends will not soon forget so get there early and don’t miss it. All tickets from the postponed May 16th show will be honored and admitted at Opera 1 on May 19th and for those who don’t have tickets, they’re still available while they last…


You asked for it and you've been heard. On May 20th Osaka Popstar returns with an all-new CD "Rock'Em O-Sock'Em Live!"

Recorded on Halloween Night (10/31/06) at the Starland Ballroom in NJ the EP features 9 tracks including favorites from the critically acclaimed debut album PERFORMED LIVE along with Osaka Popstar performances of 3 Ramones classics!

With rich cover art straight from Topps' Garbage Pail Kids All-new Series 7, each Limited Edition Digipak includes a FREE exclusive Osaka Popstar-Garbage Pail Kids Trading Card inside! That's right GPK fans, not a sticker but an authentic GPK trading card brought to you straight from the Topps company themselves. There's even a special variant version of the GPK art printed full panel inside the Ltd. Ed. Digipak packaging.

NY Punk at its finest, look for Osaka Popstar's all-new CD "Rock'Em O-Sock'Em Live!" in stores and available on iTunes and other online digital music stores worldwide on May 20th, and expect lots more to come from Osaka Popstar!

GPK collectors and completists take note the free GPK card that comes inside each Ltd. Ed. Digipak in stores on May 20th will be numbered by the Topps Company "P1" (promo 1) with the character name "Rock'Em O-Sock'Em". True to traditional GPK series releases, an alternate "b" version of the trading card numbered "P2" (with the character name "Drum Kit") will be available as a FREE GIVEAWAY at the Topps booth at NY Comic Con April 18-20 so be sure to stop by and ask for one to complete your set!

More news on this and related events to follow....

Click the ad above for a larger view


That's right Fiends, Jerry Only has a posse...and that includes Shepard Fairey of OBEY himself! Shepard is a longtime fiend who collaborated with the 'Fits a while back on a mash up of his O.G. Andre face with the Fiend Skull, a project done under license from the Misfits. The mash up piece can be seen in Shepard's comprehensive Obey book "Supply and Demand".

Here Shepard is seen sporting our new "ONLY" t-shirt design and had this to say about it: "I’m a huge Misfits fan. I started listening to the Misfits in 1984 at 14 years old, so it is a bit surreal for the inspiration to come full circle. I’m honored and not worthy.”

if you look closely, behind him, you can see Shepard's recent 'Fiend Rocker' piece on the monitor in the background. Look for future collaborations between Shepard and the Misfits in the not-too distant future. Until then, visit our online store for the new "ONLY" tee and lots more!


The infamous “Garbage Pail Kids” are back and the latest set, all-new series 7 (IN STORES NOW), features Osaka Popstar! Included in the base set of 110 stickers/cards (which are each available in “a” & “b” versions) you’ll find #38a “Drum Kit” aka #38b “Tom Tom”. The sticker/card design spotlights a decapitated, two-headed GPK drummer ferociously pounding on a snare drum. Stuck on the end of each drumstick are his bruised and battered decapitated heads! Behind him is an Osaka Popstar logo stage backdrop complete with fire breathing devil dog bookends and the entire lineup of the debut album “Osaka Popstar & the American Legends of Punk” performing live on stage, just as they appeared on their UK tour and nationwide throughout North America on the most recent Fiend Fest tour. John Cafiero (vocals), Jerry Only on bass, Dez Cadena & Ivan Julian on guitars and Marky Ramone on drums are all rendered behind the freaky GPK drummer at center stage.

Click Here
for a larger view of the A & B version of the OP-GPK sticker.Jerry Only (Misfits) who is featured on Bass in the card comments: "Back as a kid I used to collect trading cards like Mars Attacks and Wacky Packages. I remember the Garbage Pail Kids stickers from the 80’s. They were always very extreme. From the looks of it, they still are and I'm in one! How cool is that?”

Osaka Popstar creator/frontman John Cafiero comments: “It’s really surreal and a lot of fun to see Osaka Popstar included in this set. I collect GPK so for me; being in this set is like the lowbrow art equivalent of a Grammy! The pop culture references in GPKs are always a lot of fun to spot and to become one of them is a real honor. I love it.”

Garbage Pail Kids All-new series 7 is in stores now. Look for them in comic book and collectible shops, grocery stores and major chains like Rite Aid, Target, Walmart and Toys R Us. You can also buy them by the pack or by the box at the Topps Online Store. All of the stickers in the set are randomly inserted into “mega-packs” of 10 but you’ll easily complete a full base set, (including both the “a” & “b” version of sticker #38 featuring Osaka Popstar) if you buy a box of 24 packs or trade with your friends! For more info on the series, visit the official Garbage Pail Kids website.

For more info on this story including additional quotes from John Cafiero and Marky Ramone on GPK, PLUS current news on other Misfits Records artists including Balzac and Juicehead, visit the official Misfits Records website now.


Check out Sirius Satellite Radio, the Punk Channel (29) on Halloween Night at Midnight EST (technically the first minute of Nov. 1st) as Jerry Only presents a Misfits-approved Halloween – only on Sirius! Hear Jerry’s musical picks for the night and much more! The Punk Channel, channel 29 @ 12 am-1 am EST, repeats again at 3am EST that same night.

Happy Halloween Fiends! 


Visit the Misfits Records Online Store for this and LOTS MORE from all of our Misfits Records Artists.

Visit our Online Fiend Store for even more great Misfits items!


The Misfits “30th Anniverscary Tour” is running strong WORLDWIDE! The tour kicked off with a debut gig headlining the Topfest in Slovakia, followed by a slew of SOLD OUT shows in Mexico.

Currently the ‘Fits are on tour throughout Europe and the UK with stops in Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, England, Wales, Scotland & Ireland from September 8th – Oct. 5th.

On October 11th, 2007 the Misfits 30th Anniverscary tour hits the US & Canada running non-stop like a ghost train from hell straight through to early December! That’s right fiends, the Misfits are doing everything in their power to hit your city on the occasion of the 30th and by popular demand the band have agreed to extended the tour far beyond the standard run visiting as many cities as possible nationwide.

Select dates will even include a bone-chilling double bill as the Misfits are joined by fiendish counterparts from Japan BALZAC supporting their latest CD/DVD combo “Deep Blue”! In a marriage made in hell, the Misfits perform a full set in honor of their 30-year legacy and Balzac celebrates with a terrifying 60-minute set just before the Misfits take to the stage!

Due to scheduling limitations with their itinerary in Japan, Balzac will only be touring the US from October 24 (in Montreal Canada) through October 31st in New York City so don’t miss this chance to see the Misfits and Balzac tear it up live on Halloween 2007!

Click here to visit the TOUR section for all confirmed dates. A few more pending cities and venues are to be announced soon (tba) so check back often.

Lots more news on the Misfits and all Misfits Records artists coming later this Fall...


Known Misfits fiends, Johnny Knoxville and the Jackass crew are knee deep in their latest series of ill-conceived stunts, pranks and acts of indecency, and you’re in control when ‘Jackass the Game’ brings the irreverent humor of MTV’s Jackass to the PSP® (PlayStation® Portable) system, PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system on Sept. 24th and the Nintendo DS™ platform on Oct. 24!

One of the most anticipated and outrageous games to hit in a long time, Jackass the Game promises an onslaught of absurd situations and insane challenges you’ve come to love and expect from this special group of idiots. Knoxville and co. have lent not only their likenesses and low moral caliber to the gaming environment, but their actual voices as well.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Misfits song “Spinal Remains” from the legendary ‘Static Age’ album is featured and Misfits Records is proud to announce placement of Balzac's song “Wall” from the CD “Beyond the Darkness” in the game too!

Fiends can hear their favorite band while wreaking virtual havoc with Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O and the Jackass Gang on the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system, PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system and Nintendo DS™ with ‘Jackass the Game’  in stores this fall from MTV Games and Red Mile Entertainment.


In related news has been updated with TONS of announcements including the release of the latest Balzac album “Deep Blue: Chaos from Darkism”! The new release from Balzac is housed in an incredible, limited edition 32-page hardcover book containing a full length CD with over an hour of new music, 20 minutes of exclusive bonus tracks and a DVD with over 2 hours of content including a full Balzac concert and more! The limited edition Hardcover book pressing of “Deep Blue” is AVAILABLE NOW throughout North America while supplies last! A standard jewel-case edition with alternate cover art and a 24-page booklet arrives in stores on October 23rd.

Also available is the debut disc from the latest addition to Misfits Records’ powerhouse punk rock label roster, Juicehead!  Their 16-track debut "The Devil Made Me Do It" is IN STORES NOW throughout the US & Canada and available worldwide through Apple’s iTunes music store. The iTunes bundle comes complete with an 8-page digital booklet for those who want their music instantly, but don’t want to give up the cool frills that packaging can offer like photos, lyrics and excellent artwork! Catch Juicehead live on tour! Check the tour dates section at and visit Juicehead’s official MySpace page for up to date info as it’s announced.

Be sure to stop over at for full details on all this and more including special limited edition shaped vinyl picture discs from Balzac and Osaka Popstar AVAILABLE NOW, exclusively from the Misfits Records online store

In overseas news, Misfits Records is proud to announce the Japanese release of the debut album from Osaka Popstar. “Osaka Popstar & the American Legends of Punk” is NOW IN STORES throughout Japan on Imperial Records. The Japanese release contains alternate cover art and 3 exclusive LIVE BONUS TRACKS recorded on the Fiend Fest tour in 2006! For those of you in search of the live bonus tracks, the Japanese import is available now while supplies last at the Misfits Records online store.

This only briefly scratches the surface of everything happening at the label fiends so be sure to visit Misfits and get all the gory details now!




All pending orders for this special limited edition 45 rpm single received to date have shipped and will be hitting fiend's mailboxes all over the world any day now! If you haven't sent in your proof of purchase seals yet, what are you waiting for!? Act soon, offer expires Oct 31, 2007. These 7-inch singles are an incredible addition to any fiend's record collection and may quickly become the rarest Misfits 45 of all time. CLICK HERE for a look at the actual clear vinyl, laser etched 7-inch single now shipping to fiends all over the world who send in the proper proof of purchase seals with the mail-in form below.

This special, highly limited collector’s edition 45, appropriately titled “Psycho in the Wax Museum” contains two rare, never before released tracks archived on clear vinyl with a picture sleeve featuring all-new artwork rendered by Butch Lukic!

Loyal fiends who’ve shown their support to the Misfits Records label and our roster of artists will now be rewarded with this very special and exclusive offer! Those who purchased our previous releases, “Misfits Project 1950” and “Balzac: Beyond the Darkness” were advised to save your proof of purchase seals. The third and final proof of purchase can now be found inside the debut release from Osaka Popstar entitled “Osaka Popstar and the American Legends of Punk” - in stores now! Redeem all 3 P.O.P. seals together and you'll receive this collectible vinyl Misfits 45 that will NOT be available anywhere else … period!

This limited 45 will not be sold separately and neither will the recordings it contains! This is something special just for you fiends who support what we’re doing here at Misfits Records.

As our personal thanks to you, this 45 will be exclusive only to those who redeem all 3 original proof of purchase seals.

Yes fiends, JUST FOR YOU we’ve unearthed 2 never before released and never before completed Misfits tracks predating the American Psycho album! “Angel Baby” (Click here for a Real Player clip) and “Death of the Fallen Angel” (Click here for a streaming MP3 clip) were both written by founding member Jerry Only and properly recorded by the Misfits in their entirety prior to the release of American Psycho but the vocal tracks were never recorded. For that reason, the recordings were shelved and left in the vaults, seemingly never to be heard ... until now. The rough mixes in their original instrumental form, untouched and exactly as they were left over a decade ago, have been restored from a deteriorating source, digitally re-mastered and preserved in this vinyl 45 “wax museum” for your sole enjoyment ... FREE OF CHARGE!

The ONLY way to get it is to redeem all 3 proof of purchase seals! Please note that the “Misfits Project 1950” CD proof of purchase is the sticker (found on the outside of the shrink wrap of the CD case), which says "save this as proof of purchase". That proof of purchase sticker has always been on the Project 1950 CD and it is still available on the CD that you find in stores today. You must have that sticker; there will be no exceptions.

The Balzac Beyond the Darkness CD proof of purchase was also a sticker found on the outside of the shrink-wrap of the CD case. It too says "save this sticker as proof of purchase". We are aware that this Balzac CD has been issued in some instances without the sticker on the shrink-wrap. Due to that, to give everyone a fair chance, ONLY in the case of the Balzac “Beyond the Darkness” CD you will be allowed to send in EITHER the sticker from the shrink-wrap that says "proof of purchase" OR you can cut out the original UPC bar code (with the Misfits Records logo above it and the Japanese “Yami” symbol to the right of it), from the back cover of the CD and use that as your proof of purchase. That Balzac proof of purchase will be the ONLY exception.

For Misfits Project 1950 you must have the “proof of purchase” sticker and for Osaka Popstar you must have the proof of purchase seal found on the flyer/insert inside the CD. Every Osaka Popstar CD purchased new at retail contains the proof of purchase insert inside.


Only the North American pressings of the three above mentioned Misfits Records released CDs contain the applicable proof of purchase seals required for this promotional offer. All of these releases were domestic to the USA are available for purchase at the Misfits Records online store.


We’ve also tried something very new and unique on this piece of vinyl that Fiends will find on every 45 obtained through this special offer. A process has been implemented where a circular pattern of Misfits Fiend Skulls has been etched by laser into the vinyl on one side, and a circular pattern of the Misfits logo etched in the vinyl of the other side. This feature authenticates each record as being one of the original; highly limited edition 45s issued by Misfits Records within this promotion and protects fiendish collectors from being fooled by any potential bootlegs that may surface. The laser etching is clearly revealed when the vinyl is tilted into the light.

We weren't kidding when we said this record was our way of saying thanks to all of you who support what we're doing at Misfits Records. We've gone to great lengths to make this 45 extra special for our supporters and as you'll soon see, not only will this record be one of the rarest Misfits 45s ever; it will also be one of the coolest looking ones too!




Our fiends in Mexico are in full effect and as a result, the Misfits show at the Hard Rock Live in Mexico City on August 4th has already COMPLETELY SOLD OUT IN ADVANCE. Fear not fiends, to accommodate the huge demand the ‘Fits have added a 2nd night at the Hard Rock Live in Mexico City on August 6th!

CLICK HERE for all Misfits Tour Dates. Fall dates for the US & Canada coming soon!


Paramount Pictures and Saturday Night Live Producer Lorne Michaels present ‘HOT ROD’  a new comedy starring SNL’s Andy Samberg & Bill Hader. Samberg stars as accident-prone daredevil Rod Kimble. When the film hits theaters on August 3rd be sure to look out for the Nutley Brass’ space-age-pop rendition of Misfits classic “Skulls” from the Misfits Records release ‘Fiend Club Lounge’ prominently featured in THE key scene in the film and included on the movie’s soundtrack album. Look for ‘HOT ROD’ in theaters nationwide on August 3rd and help Rod raise funds to save Frank! Click here for more on the Misfits Records release: “Fiend Club Lounge”.

The Misfits Project 1950 recording of "This Magic Moment", (with guest backing vocals by 60’s pop-icon Ronnie Spector), will be featured in an episode of HBO's original series "Big Love" airing Monday July 9th at 9pm EST.

Fiends should also be on the lookout for the Misfits Fiend Club poster prominently displayed in several scenes in the new summer blockbuster Transformers in theaters now!


To celebrate the Misfits 30th Anniverscary, 25 new Rue Morgue subscribers will win a Misfits Records prize pack consisting of a “Scary-O-Phonic” Messenger bag filled with a “30th Anniverscary” T-shirt and CDs from every artist on the Misfits Records label roster including Misfits, Osaka Popstar, Balzac & Juicehead!! Pick up the July issue of Rue Morgue and look for this offer to enter.

Fiends who attended the music industry NAMM show from January 18 thru 21st at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim California were treated to several signings by Jerry Only at the Dean Markley Strings booth in support of the highly successful Misfits Skullbusters line of strings. The turnout was incredible, the lines were long and as usual, Jerry took the time out to snap photos, sign everything in sight and spend time with each and every fan who waited it out on line making it well worth their wait. Those who braved the long lines to see Jerry were treated to free signed posters, free Misfits Skullbusters stickers and even a free Misfits guitar pick! Yes custom picks were handed out to Fiends at NAMM in support of the official Misfits guitar pick line to be released in the coming months by Wedgie. These picks are high quality, top of the line and feature an innovative new grip concept developed by Wedgie Products! Look for these great Misfits picks coming to stores worldwide in an assortment pack with a variety of gauges.

Jerry also signed at the Bernie Rico Jr. guitars booth as they recently constructed an incredible high-end Devastator Bass from Jerry's custom design to be used on upcoming Misfits recordings and tours. These Devastator basses are not available for sale currently but the Misfits and Bernie are in talks about the logistical possibilities of making more of these high-end custom guitars available in limited quantities in the future. Bernie Rico Jr. guitars hand craft everything with great attention to detail which is both time consuming and what it takes to deliver a perfect Devastator Bass!

Additionally, Jerry appeared for a signing at the Nady Systems booth endorsing their new U33B Wireless Bass System.

Jerry had this to say about the new bass system from Nady:

"We've only used one wireless...NADY. The unit itself got smaller but with their new Bass Boost feature on the U33B wireless, the sound is even BIGGER. It's got a monster crunch sound regardless of the volume of the amp. It hits you right in the gut where the Bass should. You can feel it. The power of this new wireless will rattle your bones."
- Jerry Only

CLICK HERE to view the current Misfits/Nady endorsement ad.

A LOT of great things are in the works and in development so keep an eye on for additional details and announcements on these and other upcoming custom Misfits music products and endorsements coming this year in conjunction with the 30th Anniversary of the legendary horror-punks!


The rare variant black and white set is long sold out but a few of the 3-piece color sets are still available from the SuperFun Company while supplies last. If you want one of these great sets act fast fiends. Only a few remain and this is truly a limited edition. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

The Toxic Teddies have brought their horror and punk-rock attitude to a line based on the legendary originators of horror-punk, the Misfits!

Fully authorized by the Misfits and limited to only 666 sets worldwide, the SuperFun company proudly present fiends all over the world a chance to pick up this rare and very limited edition 3-piece box-set that is NOT available in ANY retail chain store. This set is sure to be an instant collectible and has already been featured in Rue Morgue, Metal Edge and High Times magazine to name a few.

The full color 3-piece set is led by Misfits founding member Jerry Only in Toxic Teddies form decked in his trademark devilock hairstyle, classic red and black spiked leather vest and comes complete, ready to shred with his custom devastator Bass! Also included is a Toxic Teddy decked with a devilock, Misfits logo armbands and a form-cut Misfits fiend skull guitar! Rounding off the set is a Toxic Teddies interpretation of Misfits mascot “The Fiend” complete with candelabra, red cloak and fiendish gaze!

As if that set isn't rare enough, there's a second set limited to only 138 pieces worldwide. The special “138 edition” 2-pack includes founding member Jerry Only in Toxic Teddies form along with Misfits mascot “The Fiend” in a rare and chilling vintage BLACK and WHITE variant paint scheme. CLICK HERE for a closer look at the figures and packaging.

These rare sets are only sold at a handful of specialty stores, so get them online, direct from the source before they're gone!

Visit: now.


That’s right Fiends Jerry Only storms the doors of Sirius Satellite Radio on Friday Jan. 5th as guest host of Sirius’ weekly show Hostile Takeover! Tune in as Jerry controls the horizontal and the vertical for a solid 60-minutes playing, well… whatever he feels like playing! Classic punk rock of course, along with a solid block of Misfits cuts from the Static Age through Project 1950 all eras of the legacy will be represented and even book-ended by stories and insight from the man who lived it, Jerry Only. Tune in for a no-holds barred, uncensored 60-minute “Hostile Takeover” guest-hosted by Jerry Only on Sirius Satellite Radio’s Faction channel 28 , Friday Jan. 5th at 7 pm EST and rebroadcast on Saturday Jan. 6th at 1 am EST.


That's right Fiends, Halloween will be here before you know it and to center around one of our favorite times of the year, we bring you FIEND FEST 2006! The MISFITS will headline as JERRY, ROBO & DEZ shred through a complete set of Misfits classics old and new. As an added attraction, the MISFITS slot will include a special guest set from OSAKA POPSTAR performing cuts off the new album and a couple of RAMONES classics for good measure with frontman JOHN CAFIERO at the helm on vocals and MARKY RAMONE himself on drums! Also ensuring this Fest is a fiendish one, are special co-headliners, the UK's own unique CLOCKWORK ORANGE inspired punk outfit, THE ADICTS! The incredible bill of punk rock continues with original 77 punks; UK SUBS and rounding out the bill, the new breed of punk rock is being well represented by Chicago's own JUICEHEAD and generation next with California's ORANGE! The FIEND FEST tour is scheduled throughout the US and Canada starting Oct 13 thru Nov. 5th.

CLICK HERE to visit the Misfits Records website for a look at the FIEND FEST '06 ad and a list of all confirmed dates. Check back often for up to date info as additional dates and/or venues will be added as they become confirmed.

There have been a lot of recent updates at Misfits and Osaka that may be of interest to many of you fiends so be sure to visit both sites for additional news now.

Fiends in Spain may want to check out the AZKENA ROCK FESTIVAL on August 31st where Jerry, Robo and Dez will perform to an audience of 30,000 fans as the Misfits close the show following none other than the legendary Iggy & the Stooges!

Photo credit: Shigeo Jones Kikuchi (Photo Assassin)


We’d like to say a huge THANKS to all of you who showed your support for Osaka Popstar and voted for us on Fuse’s “Oven Fresh.” Thanks to all of you, the music video for our first single “Wicked World” was ANNOUNCED AT #1 on Fuse’s “Oven Fresh Keepers” on Friday June 16th!

You can catch the rebroadcast of “Oven Fresh Keepers” with the Osaka Popstar video for “Wicked World” ranked at #1 on Saturday June 17th at 1:30pm EST and again on Sat. June 17th at 9:30 pm EST.

It just goes to show that punk rock is alive and well and all of you proved that point along with us by making your voices heard. Thanks again to all of you who voted for Osaka Popstar and MADE US #1! Click here to see the voting results.

Look for the “Wicked World” video to air on Fuse TV’s “The Dive” this Sunday, June 18th at 3:30am EST (12:30am PST).

Osaka Popstar and the American Legends of Punk Fans of original punk rock rejoice! Osaka Popstar and the American Legends of Punk might be the best ‘punk’ labeled product to appear in ages. Their pedigree is infallible, featuring Ramones (Marky), Black Flag (Dez Cadena), Misfits (Jerry Only) and Voidoids (Ivan Julian). They are indeed legends, but more than anything else, Osaka Popstar is a high concept project that bashes through generational barriers. They combine roots- punk style music a la the Buzzcocks, The Undertones, the Ramones, and the Misfits, and then incorporate this into Japanese Saturday morning cartoon imagery. It’s sort of like the Archies on steroids, or the Fountains of Wayne on amphetamines. Pop it on and it is easy to imagine that it’s 1978 all over again. I dare you not to smile when listening to this CD. The disk opens with an absolutely perfect pop song written by ‘outsider music’ legend Daniel Johnston, called “Wicked World.” John Cafiero merrily sings “We have sinned so many times before we see no reason to turn back now, cuz we’re the world, the wicked world, marching to hell. We know what we’re doing and we’re marching to hell,” while a wickedly joyous guitar riff rips its way through the rollicking rhythm. The energy never lets up, either. This isn’t your teenager’s second-generation variation on punk; it’s the real thing. Marky Ramone is on drums and he plays with an energy that is…superhuman! The rest of the band is just as remarkable, playing with an abandon that betrays the sheer joy of playing together.

Partially due to the cartoon imagery, and partially due to the infectious nature of the band’s performance, “Osaka Popstar” makes punk rock sound like pure fun. They cover two old Richard Hell songs (“Blank Generation” and “Love Comes in Spurts”) and make them sound brand new. Do you remember the hullabaloo that was raised by the “O Brother Where Art Thou” soundtrack a few years ago? Remember the key track from that collection called “Man of Constant Sorrow?” I’ll bet you never imagined that it would make a great punk tune. Osaka Popstar imagined it, and then they achieve it. Best of all is a track that was written by a bunch of school kids, called “Insects,” which is destined to be one of the best summer songs of all time. While the band plows along at 100 MPH, Cafiero sings about the perils presented by the insect world (“Bees will try to sting you hard, all over, your body. Bugs are in the trees and they’re watching you”). This track is so good that it makes bug-phobia fun.

A DVD containing two videos (“Wicked World” and a hysterically funny “Insects”) accompanies the CD, and I’d suggest watching the videos ASAP, since it will help to convey the playful, artistic vibe that defines Osaka Popstar. In typical punk-rock fashion, the disk contains thirteen tracks that plow by in less than thirty minutes, but it is all meat and no filler. It ends too soon, but that’s okay, because it means that you have enough time to play the entire disk again! After all these years, it is a pleasure and a surprise to hear a band that can stay true to their punk-rock roots and enjoy every second of it. Seemingly out of nowhere, Osaka Popstar have perfected a near-miraculous combination of fun and catharsis that leaves you breathless, exhausted, and completely satisfied. A       -Tom Ryan





We have A LOT of stuff in store for you fiends, but we're only going to scratch the surface about it here because we've just launched our brand new Official MISFITS RECORDS WEBSITE! Head over there now and explore!! There are a few surprises waiting for you including more details about a special limited edition Misfits vinyl 45 that will only be available when you redeem your proof of purchase seals from "Misfits Project 1950", "Balzac Beyond the Darkness" and the new release: OSAKA POPSTAR & THE AMERICAN LEGENDS OF PUNK - IN STORES NOW - WORLD WIDE!

Also be sure to visit the all new OSAKA POPSTAR WEBSITE to learn more about the new CD/DVD combo, see some of the incredible artwork and hear the final mix of the first single "Wicked World" in its entirety!

Click the logos above and visit both websites now for more exclusive content including a sneak peek at the cover art for the limited edition vinyl Misfits 45 entitled "PSYCHO IN THE WAX MUSEUM", preview 3 complete songs from the OSAKA POPSTAR CD and view clips from 2 animated music videos now!

In related news, will also undergo a full upgrade and redesign in the coming months so stay tuned...there's more to come!


We weren't kidding when we told you the 'Fits were extremely well received during the South American tour fiends! The latest issue of Rolling Stone in Latin America (pictured above left) features Bono on the cover and Jerry, Dez and Robo with a full page spread inside! CLICK HERE for a look at the entire article which centers around the band's recent shows in Colombia that were a graveyard smash!


As previously reported here at, the Misfits are currently at work writing an all-new studio album! Yes fiends, the band plans to return to the studio in 2006 to deliver the hardest, most aggressive Misfits material to see the pressing plant since Earth AD! Since the record is still in the writing stages, an exact release date is far too early to determine at this time. But as Jerry Only recently revealed in an interview with Inpress Magazine Australia: "Our next album will coincide with our 30th anniversary and that album will only reinforce how potent the band has become with time."

As many fiends may already be aware, the Misfits 30th Anniversary will fall on April 18, 2007...

There's also been talk about the possibility of some live Misfits material (as recorded at some of the highly acclaimed shows Jerry, Dez and Robo delivered in 2005), hitting the streets on disc via Misfits Records sometime in 2006. For additional news on upcoming releases and more,
visit our all-new official MISFITS RECORDS WEBSITE!


Christina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil looking fiendishly cool in our new Misfits shoes for ghouls from Draven ... CLICK HERE to order!


Congratulations to Olympic Silver Medallist and Fiend DANNY KASS! Danny (pictured mid air at left) won a SILVER MEDAL in the Men's Half Pipe competition in snowboarding and made headline news! Danny represented the Misfits wearing his Fiend Gloves available through his snowboard gear company Grenade that he runs with his brother Matt.

Danny is a long-time Fiend, originally from Pompton Plains New Jersey, who actually used to practice skateboarding on a half pipe in Jerry Only's back yard! "Once when I came home from tour, I looked in my back yard at what appeared to be Noah's Ark! I actually thought it was..." laughs Jerry Only. "While I was gone Danny and my son Jerry, along with the help of Grandpa (my Dad), put together a 10 ft half pipe. Most of the kids couldn't handle this beast expect Danny who chewed it right up. He is where he belongs... on top. I couldn't be more proud of him".

Everyone here in the Misfits camp sends our congratulations to the entire U.S. snowboarding team!

The Misfits Fiend Skull has really become a worldwide presence in high profile extreme sports these days. The band's trademark Fiend Skull icon recently appeared in connection with skateboarding in ESPN spots during this year's Superbowl. The Misfits Fiend Gloves from Grenade have reached as far across the globe as Bjoern Einar Romoeren  at World Wide ski jump circuit! Check out the pictures below forwarded to us by the Fiends at Grenade who told us Friedli from John Doe Ltd. in Switzerland was so excited that he immediately took the pics below straight off of his TV screen! He felt otherwise, no one would believe it... Well here's his proof!

Image courtesy of the NY Daily News
In other news, Brazilian fiends please note that the Misfits were detained and denied access into Brazil upon departure from their shows in Colombia due to local restrictions between the two countries. Rest assured the band did not cancel and they are just as disappointed as you are that they were unable to perform in Brazil as planned. That unfortunate occurrence aside, the South American tour was a huge success traveling throughout Mexico and Colombia where the band was extremely well received and made numerous TV and radio appearances. The Misfits are truly appreciative of the enthusiasm they were met with and will return to ALL of these territories, including Brazil. Until that time, as a small consolation, Brazilian fiends might want to visit: RockOnline Brazil and Whiplash for insightful interviews (conducted in your native language of Portuguese) with Misfits founding member Jerry Only just a few days prior to the previously scheduled Brazilian dates. For those interested who do not read Portuguese, try an online translator like this one.

2006 will be an incredible year to be a Fiend and we have LOTS in store for you. The debut CD from Osaka Popstar is now readying for release this summer so get ready to redeem those proof of purchases! Combine your proof of purchase seals from Misfits Project 1950 and Balzac's Beyond the Darkness with the 3rd and final seal in the Osaka Popstar CD. Redeem all 3 together and you'll receive a collectible vinyl Misfits 45 that will NOT be available anywhere else! Also on the way is a highly limited edition Balzac figure available exclusively from Misfits Records this Spring along with the launch of the official Misfits Records Website. More details are coming very soon so stay tuned.

Balzac is currently wrapping up their all-new CD, which is also coming in 2006 and rave reviews continue to flow for Misfits Records' offbeat release "Misfits meet the Nutley Brass: Fiend Club Lounge". The latest words of praise coming in from Kerrang and Razorcake. Scroll down to read blurbs from their reviews and many more. Thanks to everyone who supported us in 2005

Village Voice - Sound of the City, Last Stand at CBGB: "War All the Time: Punks and Councilmen Fight for their Landmark" by Dr. Donna Gaines

"Hilly called in the monsters from hell to save the day. We'll kill anyone who stands in the way." August 12, onstage, Misfits frontman Jerry Only rants, "We're here to save CBGB 'cause CBGB saved me. Hilly believed anyone who walked through the door was allowed to play-it didn't matter who you knew. That's America!"

NYC is still at risk of losing CBGB.

CLICK HERE to read more of the recent Village Voice article by Dr. Donna Gaines  

CLICK HERE to find out more about the cause to SAVE CBGB.

What reviewers are saying about Misfits meet the Nutley Brass: Fiend Club Lounge:

"Fiend Club Lounge features frankly piss-funny lounge-lizard reworkings of Misfits classics...Evil has never sounded so damn kitsch. Find it."
- Paul Travers, Kerrang!

"Ahh, this is genius. This is a really cool, fun CD and a definite must for hardcore Misfits fans."
- Ben Snakepit, Razorcake

"This album is absolute genius...ridiculously funny."
- Shane Farver, Slugmag

"Truly beyond type-able description, FIEND CLUB LOUNGE is simply... well absolutely, seam-splitting, pants-pizzilingly HYSTERICAL!"
4 Stars. - Gary Vermin, Horrorwood Babble

"after popping 'Fiend Club Lounge' into the ol' disc player in my car, I came within 5 feet of hitting a tree, after hearing the first 20 seconds of 'Last Caress'. For Misfits completists, this recording is a must have. If there is a Misfits fiend in your life, these lounge lizard interpretations will bring joy and uncontrollable laughter to their life. Imagine Tom Jones' back up orchestra playing out the music of bands like the Buzzcocks, Minor Threat, Black Flag, the Ramones, and the Misfits. Makes you chuckle just thinking about it, doesn't it? In short, the music is SO wrong, it's right. ---the Fiend Club Lounge is open for business, baby, so throw on your red smoking jackets and fez caps! If you are a Misfits fan, AND disturbing things make you smile, behold your Holy Grail."
Rated in terms of twisted hilarity: 94 points. - DeadSun,

"sly, clever, and occasionally laugh-out-loud funny...there's no denying it's a hoot."
- Keith Bergman,

"The first thing you need to understand about this release is that it is meant to be tongue and cheek. It's not meant to be a serious interpretation of the Misfits music; it's just meant to be fun. ...sounds like something Goldie Hawn would have danced to during the breaks on Laugh-In...could have easily fit in with the musical Grease or any Frankie Avalon movie. The Nutley Brass does an outstanding job of interpreting the Misfits music in an unconventional style. After hearing the Nutley Brass' version of 'Die Die My Darling' I realized it may not be so bad to die. If you enter the lounge with an open mind and a fondness for the Misfits, you're sure to have a good time. If you're someone that takes your music seriously you might not get what this CD is all about."
4 out of 5 Stars. -George Dionne,

"you need this most amazing cover CD by the Nutley Brass. This is a fun CD to listen to, one of those guilty pleasures that you just cannot let go of...this was honestly a great idea and Ryko did well to want to put this out. If you have an open mind and a sense of humor, you will check this out."
9/10 - Jeffrey Easton,

"The collection reinterprets the Misfits as kitsch for the cocktail lounge, suggesting 1960s instrumental classics like Herb Alpert's Whipped Cream & Other Delights or anything from gonzo bandleader Juan Garcia Esquivel. Sam Elwitt, the composer behind Nutley Brass, has actually been at this awhile. He also did an album of instrumental pop Ramones covers, the highlight of which was a hilarious elevator music version of "Blitzkrieg Bop" that a nun could hum along to. "Hilarious" is right: Elwitt never gets too serious with his Nutley material, so there's no reason for punk rock purists to get bent out of shape over Fiend Club Lounge. It's a novelty that happens to be well written and kind of entertaining."
3 out of 5 - Johnny Loftus, All Music Guide

"a collection of Misfits tracks performed so innocently that I wouldn't be surprised to hear them over the PA at my local department store. 'Teenagers From Mars' is probably about as weird as you could imagine, performed like the opening moments of a Broadway musical. 'Die, Die My Darling' closes out the album, performed like it should accompany the climax in a James Bond movie. Fiend Club Lounge is clearly a novelty performance; it has no pretensions about supplanting the Misfits, or even standing alone as a work, but for fans, it's a fun, and -- dare I say it -- 'cute' look at the Misfits."
3 out of 3 stars. Aubin, Punk

"First you heard about RICHARD CHEESE, then you heard about PAUL ANKA, but before these guys, there was THE NUTLEY BRASS. Brass is exactly what it takes, to take classic era MISFITS songs and render them into lounge music, brass balls, that is...those out there that are true fans of musicianship will absolutely love and appreciate the talent and creativity that it took to make a CD like this happen. I am a long time Misfits absolutely did not disappoint me."
5 Stars - Paragon Rob, Foundry

"the Zombie masters are being paid homage to by their own stateside, NJ brothers The Nutley Brass Section just adds a whole new light to some of the classic Misfits music. 'Last Caress' is a kick especially after having the Metallica one drilled in the head this lightens up the whole vibe. 'Some Kind Of Hate' sounds like it could be in a horror movie or a follow up to Animal House. They close the thing out with 'Die, Die My Darling' and I'm floored. If you even take a dare to step over a musical line then you love this as if you like lounge music. We need more lounge music these days. This is a record that made my ears tune into different sounds and a cool tribute to the Jersey Phnom known as The Misfits."
3 Stars - Hammerhead

"You've heard their music covered by bands like AFI and more famously, Metallica; however, I bet Misfits have never been tweaked so uniquely by anyone as Sam Elwitt's Nutley Brass with their new tribute ...Fiend Club Lounge. It wasn't until a couple of minutes into 'Last Caress' that I realized I was listening to more than just a twisted tribute to Misfits music. While one might think the album was a humorous effort designed to fill a niche, there's actually a great respect for Misfits and their effect on the entire music scene from metal to ... well ... lounge. The weirdest thing for me was that I could almost hear Wayne Newton or Tom Jones singing the lyrics to 'Die, Die My Darling' and 'Hatebreeders,' which says a lot for the way the Nutley Brass played out their versions of these songs. Instrumentally, this album gave me chills. Fiend Club Lounge is well-rehearsed, expertly revised and the sinister undertones certainly put it on my list of the most original tribute albums of all time. If you're walking the line between our reality and the dark dimension, I recommend this record ... if for no other reason than to freak out your friends!"
3 & a half stars. - John Foxworthy, Garage Radio

Jerry Only comments on Fiend Club Lounge:  "If Cat women from the moon landed in Tijuana in the 60's this is the kind of music they would march to! The Nutley Brass version of 'Die, Die My Darling' is swirling with 007 suspense like the soundtrack of an early James Bond movie. The horns seem to jet out like one of the old albums from the Tijuana Brass. Classic, I repeat, CLASSIC."

Original Misfits guitarist Franché Coma comments: "I will say this: 'Misfits meet the Nutley Brass: Fiend Club Lounge' is one of the best renditions of some of the best Misfits songs ever recorded. Any true, and I mean true musician will appreciate the intricacies of the instrumentations on this CD. It takes punk music to a different level. It shows us how anything is possible if you want to make it happen. You'll think you are listening to a soundtrack from a big screen movie. A great lush theatrical feel. I compliment the engineers, the producers and everyone involved with this production. OUTSTANDING JOB!!! I was truly, truly, impressed! They should be proud of this release." CLICK HERE to read the full PRESS RELEASE about the new CD "Misfits meet the Nutley Brass: Fiend Club Lounge".


A Fiend Club Lounge eCARD for the "Misfits meet the Nutley Brass" CD is now available online! Click the image at left to view flash animations of the incredible cover art by legendary horror artist Basil Gogos and preview 3 songs from the CD in their entirety!

A Balzac eCARD for the new CD/DVD combo "Out of the Grave and Into the Dark" is also now online! Click the Balzac eCARD image at right to preview 3 songs from the CD in their entirety & watch Balzac's music video for the song D.A.R.K.!


Yes Fiends, the ultimate and most unusual of all Misfits tributes is in stores now: Misfits meet The Nutley Brass in the "Fiend Club Lounge"! 11 classic era Misfits favorites have been interpreted in the form of highly well executed, instrumental, retro-inspired "Space Age Pop" or "Lounge" style cover versions that will have horror-punks, lounge enthusiasts and fans of incredibly strange music going wild in the pit!

Mad scientists have taken one part Misfits, one part Esquivel and mixed them together creating an audiophile cocktail formula that has been poured and pressed to disc for your diabolically swingin' listening pleasure. From Lodi to Nutley, all of New Jersey (and the world for that matter) are standing in lines around the block waiting for their chance to enter! Step beyond the velvet ropes and enjoy the ultimate experience in "Hi-Fi Scary-O-Phonic Sound" as Misfits Records opens the doors to the exclusive and elusive, "Fiend Club Lounge"!

"Fiend Club Lounge" features all new paintings created exclusively for this release by legendary "Famous Monsters of Filmland" magazine cover artist Basil Gogos, plus an 8-page booklet and extensive liner notes. First pressing copies include a FREE Limited Edition Fiend Club Lounge drink coaster inside!

TRACK LISTING: 1.) Last Caress,  2.) Astro Zombies,  3.) Where Eagles Dare,  4.) Some Kinda Hate,  5.) Hybrid Moments,  6.) Hatebreeders,  7.) Teenagers From Mars,  8.) Attitude,  9.) Angelf*ck,  10.) Skulls,  11.) Die, Die My Darling



As most of you know, Robo's participation as drummer in the band dates back to the old school Fits. His debut recording with the legendary horror-punks was "Earth AD", which is considered one of their most well-known, aggressive and influential, classic-era albums. Prior to joining the Misfits, Robo was already widely acknowledged for his role as drummer in another pioneering hardcore/punk band, Black Flag.

Robo comments: "It's great to be back, I'm really looking forward to touring." Jerry Only comments: "Rehearsals have been intense! It's been like old times seeing Robo behind the spiked kit. We're pumped and ready to shred audiences around the world."

You can expect more of the harder, thrashier sound of the Misfits within the set as well as a few Black Flag classics LIVE on the Misfits upcoming tours. If you have the chance to be there, do not miss these shows Fiends...


Misfits Records & Rykodisc have struck a deal with Apple's iTunes Music Store who will now carry all full-length releases from Misfits Records in downloadable audio file format. Both "Misfits Project 1950" & "Balzac: Beyond the Darkness" each include a free bonus DVD as well as full booklets, liner notes etc. when purchased in retail stores nationwide or at our online Misfits Fiend Store. But if you prefer to download individual songs (at 99 cents each) or an entire album (at $9.90 each) then visit Apple's iTunes Music Store now and listen to samples from these CDs or purchase high quality audio files online. Apple's iTunes software is available for both Mac and Windows and can be downloaded for free at this location. Once you're in the iTunes Music store be sure to search for the titles "Misfits Project 1950", "Fiend Club Lounge" & both Balzac releases "Balzac: Out of the Grave and Into the Dark" as well as "Balzac: Beyond the Darkness" to begin.

Stay tuned as 2006 brings the debut CD from Osaka Popstar and more! For previously reported news on Misfits Records releases, scroll down and read below.

Misfits Skullbusters signature bass and guitar strings from Dean Markley are available now in stores worldwide.

For a full view of the Misfits Skullbusters ad currently running in major music publications nationwide : Click Here

Read previously reported info on the Misfits signature line of bass and guitar strings from Dean Markley

That's right fiends! The Misfits have teamed with Select Distribution to bring you a full line of Misfits Footwear, Skateboard decks, wheels and more available worldwide!

The line kicks off with Misfits sneakers in 7 different STYLES! Misfits FIEND SKULL canvas sneakers are available in BLACK HI TOP and PINK HI TOP, Misfits FACE OFF canvas are also available in your choice of BLACK LO TOP or PINK LO TOP, plus Misfits OPTIC PRINT LO TOP, Fiend Skull CHECKER SLIP ON and Misfits SPLIT SKULL CANVAS SLIP ON. Click here to shop online.

All Misfits sneakers are available in Men's sizes 4 - 13 (U.S. sizes). For Women's U.S. sizes, order 2 sizes down. Each and every pair is of the highest quality and comes in a custom Misfits shoebox complete with Misfits tissue paper protecting the sneakers inside. Each pair even has a Misfits Die Die My Darling print on the inside sole! You're not going to believe it when you have these in your hands fiends!

For a look at the Misfits Footwear ad running in major magazines Click here. Look for our full line of Misfits skateboard decks and wheels in our online Fiend Store and available now in retail stores worldwide.

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IN STORES NOW, Rykodisc limited edition double CD compilation celebrating the company's achievements spanning 20 years of music history. The collection features the best of Ryko artists past, present and future. Rykodisc, who recently joined forces with Misfits Records, was founded 20 years ago as the world's first CD-only record label. The company is run for, and by, diehard music fans and has become one of the world's leading independent record companies. Misfits Records is proud to announce that along with tracks from David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, Joe Jackson, Devo, They Might Be Giants, The Replacements and many other noteworthy artists, Rykodisc selected "This Magic Moment" from MISFITS PROJECT 1950 and "Wicked World" from the upcoming Osaka Popstar CD for inclusion in their 20th Anniversary Collection. The limited edition double CD set is available now in stores everywhere. The All Music Guide recently gave the collection 4 stars.

CLICK HERE to view the full track listing and AMG's review which includes a positive nod for Misfits Records upcoming debut CD from Osaka Popstar (to be released Fall 2005).

Ryko's 20th Anniversary 2-CD compilation Box set is also available in our Online Misfits Fiend Store where you'll save $3.00 off the suggested retail price.


Misfits skateboards are AVAILABLE NOW at our online Misfits Fiend Store.

9 different styles to choose from including, standard, pool deck and long board, plus matching wheels and more coming soon!


On Monday November 24th, ABC TV's Monday Night Football (consistently one of the top rated shows in the country reaching approx. over 20 million viewers weekly) chose to use the cover version of "Great Balls of Fire" from the new CD "Misfits Project 1950" in a montage leading into the second half kick off. Jerry Only states: "When I was in high school playing football, I always dreamed of being on ABC's Monday night football. It was a real thrill for me during the Giants game when Great Balls of Fire from Project 1950 came on and opened the second half kick off. Thanks to Jerry Lee Lewis for a great song and thanks to the NFL for finally making my dream come true of being on Monday Night Football!" CLICK HERE to view the QuickTime clip from Monday Night Football.


Misfits Project 1950 made a 'graveyard smash' on radio recently. On November 3rd, FMQB's SubModern singles chart reported the new cover version of "Monster Mash" in the #1 slot!

CLICK HERE for the story direct from the FMQB website.


That's right Fiend's, "Misfits Project 1950" debuted on Billboard's Heatseekers Chart at #2 and Billboard's Top Independent Albums Chart at #5! Super D's overall Retail Distribution Sales Chart lists Misfits Project 1950 at #6 and already lists Balzac's Beyond the Darkness at #31. Misfits Records would like to thank fiends everywhere for showing your support and helping us get off to a great start!


The time has come Fiends! The long course of careful scrutiny and countless meetings in search of the right distributor has finally concluded as we proudly announce our new label Misfits Records launching worldwide this summer under exclusive distribution with Rykodisc! Each and every release we bleed out will be easily accessible around the globe! The invasion begins as Jerry Only's long awaited Misfits special project showcasing punk covers of 1950's era classics arrives at last! Nothing short of an all-star line-up from the punk genre (and then some) has assembled to bring this creature to life. All tracks feature Misfits founding member Jerry Only heading the attack on Bass and lead vocals with Marky Ramone of   The Ramones adding his world famous flair on drums and percussion that landed him the honor of induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Dez Cadena of Black Flag using various guitars adding just the right sound to fit each song. 1960's pop-rock icon Ronnie Spector known for the classic hits "Be My Baby" and "Baby I love You" (to name just a few), lends her inimitable vocals to "This Magic Moment" and "You Belong to Me". Jimmy Destri of Blondie contributes his expertise on keyboards for the cuts "Runaway" & "Great Balls of Fire". Also featured is long time Misfits collaborator John Cafiero (of the upcoming Misfits Records release " Osaka Popstar and the American Legends of Punk") contributing melodic punk-pop backing vocals to "Dream Lover", "Monster Mash" and "Runaway". Ed Manion who has performed with a wide variety of artists including Del Shannon provides saxophone for "Diana" and "Runaway". The gamut of 50's era music has been reinterpreted for this special project along with a couple of hits from the 60's that were must haves for this theme driven collection. A monster that's been lurking in the mind of Jerry Only for years has finally been unleashed as Misfits Records presents; "Misfits Project 1950".....As reported previously, the CD is truly unique and not to be perceived as a traditional Misfits album but rather a special project. Only states: "The backbone of punk has always been the 3-chord progression which was ultimately inspired by classic rock and roll of the 1950's. I've always wanted to record some of the music that inspired the Misfits to show fiends where it all began. With this album...I will."


Project 1950 comes complete with a 24 page booklet of extensive liner notes, personal quotes on the project from each Jerry, Marky and Dez and even a music lesson 101 section from Jerry Only entitled "Rock and Roll DNA" which explains in great detail (charts and all!) Only's musical theory of punk rock evolution through 50's chord progressions. The booklet features a wide variety of all new cartoon art created specifically for this release by artist Tony Squindo, well known for his caricatures of Metallica among others. The limited edition will come in a dual jewel case containing a Bonus DVD featuring 10 songs with live performances shot in March 2003 at the Phillips U.S. Open Snowboarding Championships, the 2002 NYC Halloween show, bonus videos of the Misfits and Balzac performing together live in Japan and more eye candy exclusive to this release!


In the near future Misfits Records and Rykodisc will announce a contest drawing in conjunction with the U.S. release, for your chance to win a Misfits Devastator Bass guitar hand crafted and designed by Jerry Only himself! Fiends can also count on limited edition color vinyl LP pressings from Misfits Records!


Each of the three individual CDs (Misfits Project 1950, Balzac: Beyond the Darkness & Osaka Popstar) will come with a proof of purchase specific to it's corresponding CD. Be sure to save your proof of purchase from each individual artist's release Fiends, because redeeming all 3 together in the near future will bring you a special Misfits Records collector's edition item which will not be sold in any store and available only with all 3 proof of purchases!

Misfits/Balzac Split-CD AVAILABLE NOW!

As most fiends know it has always been the way of the Fits to take matters into their own hands and so comes the launch of Misfits Records! The new label debuts with a split CD single in conjunction with Disk Union, between the Misfits and Japan's premiere horror punk band Balzac. It's no secret that Balzac was highly influenced by the Misfits. They have always been very vocal about deriving inspiration from the Fits and we're proud to call them our friends and fiends. This split CD release is very unique in that the Misfits have covered a Balzac song ("Day the Earth Caught Fire") and Balzac has covered a medley of 2 Misfits songs ( "The Haunting" & "Don't Open Til Doomsday"). The track features Jerry Only on Bass & Lead Vocals, Dez Cadena on Guitar & Backing Vocals, Marky Ramone on Drums and John Cafiero on backing vocals. Described as nothing short of classic punk rock, the split CD is available in stores throughout Japan exclusively through Disk Union and in stores throughout the U.S. exclusively from Misfits Records. The CD packaging differs slightly between the U.S. and Japanese pressings. Collector's may be interested to know that the cover of the variant Japanese edition (unavailable in the U.S. ) is titled "Don't Open Til Doomsday" and the U.S. edition is titled "Day the Earth Caught Fire". In addition to having different titles featured on the cover, the Japan & U.S. editions differ slightly in that they were pressed from alternate masters both having a minimal difference in sound and tone. Both editions contain the same songs. Fiends can pick up a copy in your local record shop or order online at our Misfits Fiend Store which has a full supply of the U.S. pressing in stock as well a limited quantity of the rare Japanese edition. We have truly been busier than ever and you will have lots to look forward to. All boundaries have been broken and a new chapter begins...

Listen Misfits "Day the Earth Caught Fire", click here and use the audio player.

Limited Edition MISFITS ZOMBIE FIGURES - April 2005


As most of you know, Marky Ramone (of the world famous Ramones) had been sitting in on drums as a "Special Guest" with the Misfits on tour since April 2001. Marky's final shows behind the kit with the Misfits took place from April 1st, 2005 in Sayerville, NJ at the Starland Ballroom up to and including the show on April 30th, 2005 in Baltimore, MD. Marky's departure from touring with the Misfits is an amicable one and we wish him the best of luck.



If you're flying with United Airlines March 1st through April 30th 2004, check out United's in-flight audio channel for an hour long Rykodisc 20th Anniversary special. The show, hosted by Dan Kimpel, spans the past present and future of Ryko's 20 year history in music and includes "This Magic Moment" from Misfits Project 1950 as well as "Wicked World" from the upcoming Osaka Popstar CD! For info on Rykodisc's 20th Anniversary 2 CD set (in stores now), which features both of these tracks and lots more, see the Ryko 20th Ann. headline below.


For years you've been asking for these and the wait is finally over! High quality, embroidered, 2-sided, Misfits LEATHER JACKETS are AVAILABLE NOW in our online Misfits Fiend Store. These are the real thing and available at an affordable price. The jackets are genuine leather and feature a HUGE Misfits Fiend skull rendered in a sewn on white leather applique on the back with an embroidered green Misfits logo above it. The front includes an embroidered Misfits logo - plus - there's even an embroidered Fiend Skull on the left sleeve too! Don't miss out visit the Misfits Fiend Store and get yours now!



Two different Limited edition vinyl pressings of Misfits Project 1950 were released in LP format. The U.S. edition, pressed on SOLID BLUE 180 gram Vinyl was limited to 1,000 units worldwide and is NOW SOLD OUT. The BLUE vinyl edition is packaged in a glossy gatefold sleeve containing all the art and liner notes featured in the CD booklet. In addition, Jerry's Rock and Roll DNA section of the liner notes contains some additional info about Misfits tuning which is only available in the U.S. vinyl package. The LP contains the same 10 tracks included on the CD (5 cuts on side A and 5 cuts on side B). If you want one, check your local record shop or the secondary collector's market. The Misfits Online Fiend Store is now completely SOLD OUT of the Blue Vinyl LP and the manufacturer had already sold through the entire first edition of 1,000 Blue LPs upon its release.

The second U.S. pressing on PURPLE VINYL is available now in a limited edition of 1,000 units worldwide. The purple vinyl is packaged in the same gatefold sleeve as the SOLD OUT blue vinyl first pressing and also includes the additional liner notes on Misfits tuning.

Still available while supplies last! The first pressing European limited edition vinyl LP of Misfits Project 1950. The European import is pressed on 180 gram SLIME GREEN vinyl. The package includes a single sleeve full sized insert lyric sheet and picture artwork inner bag. The GREEN European Vinyl is limited to 3,000 units worldwide. If you want one, log on to the Misfits Fiend Store and get your copy now. The Fiend Store currently has a limited supply of the Green Euro Import LP, but once they've sold out, they're gone for good!


Osaka Popstar hit radio stations throughout the U.S. December 2003 with a Punk-Pop version of the 70's Christmas Movie Classic title track "The Christmas that Almost Wasn't". The song will be included on the forthcoming Misfits Records / Rykodisc release "Osaka Popstar and the American Legends Of Punk" the debut CD helmed by John Cafiero (Vocals) backed by legendary musical guests: Jerry Only of the Misfits, Marky Ramone of the World Famous Ramones, Dez Cadena of Black Flag, Ivan Julian of Richard Hell & The Voidoids, Daniel Johnston and more! To hear a clip from the new Osaka Popstar X-mas track or to find a radio station in your area that has it, CLICK HERE to visit the official Osaka Popstar website. The song is not yet available in stores. If you want to hear it in its entirety, check the radio list at and call your local station to request it now! Look for the debut CD from Osaka Popstar coming Fall 2004 from Misfits Records and Rykodisc, (release date TBA).


A special Limited edition pressing of the new CD Misfits Project 1950 has been issued in Japan. The Japanese Import contains the same tracks featured on the U.S. and European editions but instead of the limited edition DVD, the Japanese limited edition includes a 5 inch vinyl bonus single of the Misfits studio version of Balzac's song "Day the Earth Caught Fire" on Side A and a live version of the song on Side B performed by Balzac with Jerry Only on guest vocals in concert. The B-side track is not available elsewhere. Click the image above for a larger view. The mini vinyl record is incredibly cool and highly collectible! If you want to avoid sky rocketing ebay prices on this rare item visit our Online Misfits Fiend Store NOW! We have a limited quantity available exclusively at the Fiend Store while they last. If you want one, don't miss the opportunity to add this great limited edition to your collection at an affordable price.

Misfits Limited Edition Soft Vinyl Figures
Wave II


Rue Morgue's 6th Anniversary Halloween issue includes a feature story on the new label Misfits Records! Also included are reviews of "Misfits Project 1950" and "Balzac Beyond the Darkness" plus a special offer for a Limited edition 17" x 22" Rue Morgue/Misfits double sided poster! One side of the poster is new artwork by Gary Pullin (pictured at right) featuring Misfits mascot the Fiend, reading what else?....Rue Morgue! The other side is a promo poster with artwork from the Misfits Records releases "Project 1950" and Balzac "Beyond the Darkness". CLICK HERE for a look at both sides of this great limited edition poster. We now have a limited quantity of these double sided posters available at the online Fiend Store. You can also order the poster directly from the pages of Rue Morgue. For all this and more pick up a copy of Rue Morgue's 6th Anniversary Halloween issue with the Twilight Zone cover (pictured at left). CLICK HERE to visit Rue Morgue's official website.


For the complete list of TOUR DATES for the summer 2003 Misfits FIEND FEST CLICK HERE

The MISFITS FIEND FEST will coincide with summer's wide scale launch of the newly formed "MISFITS RECORDS" label! The Festival, created specifically for the punk scene, finds many heavy hitters of the genre joining forces for a tour of the U.S. July 23 thru August 23, 2003.

The event will be headlined by the MISFITS all star line-up of founding member JERRY ONLY, with special guests MARKY RAMONE (of the world famous RAMONES) and DEZ CADENA (of BLACK FLAG) in support of the soon to be released "PROJECT 1950" CD. "Project 1950" (a Misfits side-project showcasing punk covers of 50's era classics), is slated for worldwide release in conjunction with the festival kick off. You can expect a full dose of Misfits classics (both past & present) plus selected Ramones and Black Flag musts included in the live set. Some cities may also find occasional surprise guests. (Schedules permitting)

The Fest will be co-headlined by none other than legendary UK goth-punks THE DAMNED! DAVE VANIAN, CAPTAIN SENSIBLE, PATRICIA MORRISON, MONTY OXYMORON & PINCH will take to the stage and Smash it Up live, making the event all that much more Grimly Fiendish!

As if that in itself is not enough to rate the price of admission alone, the Fiend Fest roster continues to mosh on proudly with the inimitable and elusive, punk-popping, Gigantor the space age robot lovin', Killer Klowns from outer space....the one and only... THE DICKIES!

PLUS your ticket also brings you the much anticipated touring return of East coast hardcore pioneers AGNOSTIC FRONT, Japan's premiere horror punks BALZAC in their full scale U.S. tour debut and last but not least, West Coast punk staples D.I. straight out of the celluloid of Penelope Spheeris' film "Suburbia" and onto the stage. You read it right, all six bands ON ONE BILL!

Click the ad at left for a larger view.

See the Misfits Project 1950 line up and Balzac LIVE IN CONCERT now touring the U.S. through Aug 23rd on the Misfits FIEND FEST (scroll below for more info). Be sure to stop by the Misfits merchandise booth at Fiend Fest and ask for your FREE MISFITS RECORDS SAMPLER CD containing a full track from "MISFITS PROJECT 1950", "BALZAC BEYOND THE DARKNESS" and the upcoming "OSAKA POPSTAR" CD. The free samplers are currently being given away in limited quantities each night at Fiend Fest. Get one while supplies last! The Misfits merch booth is stocked with a wide variety of Misfits Merchandise available for sale including limited edition Fiend Fest items, new Misfits Records Merchandise, Balzac T-shirts, buttons, stickers and lots more.

FIEND FEST COUNTERFEIT LAMINATE SCAM ATTENTION ALL FIENDS, please note that if ANYONE offers to sell you an All Access or VIP laminate pass to the Misfits Fiend Fest, this is a scam and you will be ripped off. Misfits crew and security can easily identify a bogus laminate. Anyone found wearing one will have their counterfeit laminate confiscated. Furthermore, if you have one of these counterfeit laminates but do not have a ticket for the event, you will not be allowed into the venue. Official Fiend Fest laminates and all access passes are not made available to the general public in any way shape or form so do not believe anyone who tells you otherwise or you will be severely disappointed when you get to the show. Even laminates made under the pretense of "novelty purposes" are a direct violation of copyright and trademark laws. Anyone caught manufacturing counterfeit laminates will be prosecuted.


The all-star line up of Misfits founding member Jerry Only, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Marky Ramone of the World Famous Ramones and Dez Cadena of Black Flag performed live in concert for an audience of 15,000 + people at the Phillips U.S. Open Snowboarding Championships. No other bands will be performing. The stage was built on the Stratton Mountain (literally!) for this incredible outdoor event. The concert took place at approx 4 PM, Saturday March 15th, Sunbowl Side - Stratton Mountain, Vermont. A full dose of Misfits classics (past and present) as well as selected Ramones and Black Flag staples were included, however it was specifically requested that the band perform cuts from the upcoming "Project 1950" CD for this prestigious event! It seems the buzz has already begun on the upcoming CD currently slated for worldwide release summer 2003. For more info on the Phillips U.S. Open Snowboarding Championships CLICK HERE.


In honor of Halloween the Misfits all star line up of Jerry Only, Marky Ramone (of the world famous Ramones) and Dez Cadena (Black Flag) were joined by Japanese horror punks Balzac. The fiendish events kicked off Oct 30th with a signing at J&R Music World @ Park Row in NYC. Response from consumers lead to the Misfits/Balzac split CD ranking in at #21 in J&R's Top 50 CDs. A second signing was held Oct 30th at Toy Tokyo in the East Village where Jerry Only was joined by Balzac to support the release of Misfits limited edition soft vinyl figures from Medicom Toy Japan. A VERY limited supply of the Jerry Only and Doyle figures were available at Toy Tokyo (a store specializing in toys and collectibles from around the world). The edition had already sold out in Japan and the only way to guarantee a purchase in the U.S. was via pre order from our online Misfits Fiend Store. Fiend Store pre orders have been closed for some time and all pre ordered figures have been shipped and fulfilled. Click the ad (right) for a larger view plus more info and images of the Misfits Soft Vinyl Figures. The third figure in this SOLD OUT series was Misfits Mascot The Fiend.

CLICK HERE to view a larger version of the Japanese ad pictured below.

The Misfits Halloween show and after party showcased fiendish openers Balzac in their first U.S. performance ever! Balzac was extremely well received by the fiends and we congratulate them on their U.S. debut. We look forward to having them return for a U.S. tour sometime in 2003. The Misfits/Balzac horrific double bill took place before a sold out crowd, Halloween night 2002 at WWE's The World @ Times Square in NYC. The first few hundred lucky fiends in line received a free promo video at the door containing live Misfits/Balzac performances of the split CD tracks shot on tour in Japan, Jan. 2002. This live promo video is not available for sale anywhere. The headlining set by the Misfits all-star line up (Jerry Only, Marky Ramone and Dez Cadena) included a live cover of Del Shannon's "Runaway" with special Guest Jimmy Destri (of Blondie) joining the band on keyboards along with John Cafiero on backing vocals. Look for the studio version of "Runaway" (featuring the same line-up) on the upcoming "Misfits Project 1950" CD. Keep an eye on for more news to come on the release and see the teaser located beneath the Misfits/Balzac split CD info below. The Misfits Halloween set closed with the song "Day The Earth Caught Fire" and Balzac frontman Hirosuke joining in on lead vocals. Following the concert an after party was also held at The World. In addition to screening Misfits and Balzac music videos and TV appearances, the Misfits Project 1950 CD was previewed for fiends over the sound system (in it's entirety) during the autograph signing.


The Nov/Dec 2002 issue of Canada's bi-monthly horror culture and entertainment magazine "Rue Morgue" features a 5 page spread celebrating 25 years of the Misfits! Fronted with a great new illustration by artist Gary Pullin (pictured at left) the feature includes condensed background on the band 1977 - present, a brief study of horror film references within the Misfits song catalog and a series of recent quotes from former members, fans and fiends recalling experiences with the legendary horror punk outfit. Among most notable are Static Age guitarist Franche' Coma; "It was a great experience for me. We were young. I wish I would have been a little older at the time,'cause I would have been a lot more mature, I didn't know what we had. None of us did". Other notable mentions are Static Age drummer Mr. Jim, "Walk Among Us" drummer Arthur Googy, and early Misfits proteges Eerie Von and Steve Zing. The glossy horror mag sports a well executed layout of Misfits art, photos and eye candy spanning the band's illustrious career. Rue Morgue reports the issue has quickly proved to be one of their largest and fastest selling yet! Rue Morgue is avaialable on newsstands throughout the U.S. and Canada. The Nov/Dec 2002 issue fetaures the Mario Bava "Black Sunday" cover (pictured at here). For more info on Rue Morgue as well as locations that carry the mag on a regular basis (i.e. Tower Records, etc.), visit the Rue Morgue website.


The April issue of Hit Parader features a 2 page article by Rene Daigle on the Misfits track "I Wanna Be A NY Ranger" featured on the CD "Cuts From The Crypt". John Cafiero (songwriter & lead vocalist of the track) and Misfits founding member Jerry Only were invited to the Rangers locker room at Madison Square Garden for a photo shoot and interview. Members of the hockey team were interviewed as well. Here are a few brief excerpts: Rangers right wing Radek Dvorak stated: "I have this CD in my car. Good song! I like this kind of music." Only stated: "When John played the first riff for me I immediately liked it a lot. I thought it was a great song and I wanted to do it because the Rangers are my favorite Hockey Team." Cafiero states "It was all about the classic appeal of simplicity. Punk rock is basically adrenalin driven emotion. My childhood heroes were the Ramones, a defining NY band. The Rangers are a defining NY team. I wanted the song to be done in the tradition of early classics like "Beat on the Brat". A simple basic, punk rock fight song with a cartoony gene spliced from my heroes." For this and lots more be sure to pick up the April issue of Hit Parader. The same issue features a full page ad with Jerry's endorsement for Dean Markley strings.


The March 2002 issue of Fortune Small Business Magazine features an article by Maggie Overfelt with Photos by Dennis Kleiman entitled "Side Gigs". The piece profiles musicians that also run small businesses. The Misfits' Jerry Only is profiled for his family run machine shop and hobby tool company. Also featured in the article and photo essay are Henry Rollins, Sammy Hagar, Ted Nugent and more. Click here for a larger view.